4 months in the jungle. 2 years in the making. 'My Year With The Tribe' is finally here and PICK OF THE WEEK! If you've got the stomach for some live grub, check it out on BBC2 (or Iplayer) starting from 15th April 2018.



#1 My portrait of Ethiopian spiritual and community leader She Abdulkadir Tuka holding a photograph of his father, who is said to have lived to 133, is chosen as the cover image for the February 2015 issue of Geographical, the Royal Geographical Society's official magazine.


#2 Being honoured with the responsibility of naming a nepalese newborn after a positive film shoot interviewing his mother on the topic of maternal health. I was taken slightly by surprise and could only remember the name of my friend who had lent me the radio mic I was holding at the time!

I proudly present you... the one and only himalayan baby Simon


#3  My documentary screened at the Royal Geographical Society as part of a public exhibition, THROUGH THE PEOPLE'S LENS, from 16 - 26 February 2015 about the Development Progress participatory photography project run by the Overseas Development Institute and award-winning charity PhotoVoice, together with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.